Need help with code plzz

Hii…! So I am reading Falling free by Alison and I need help with the makeup and hair. cuz you know how Dara made already did hair and make-up template ? well with in the story I want too also add the hair and make-up template but I want too have my characters normal hair and lipstick! so if you don’t gets what I mean this is what I means

my main character name is Alaia and her hair is bouffant long way and her lipstick colour is red deep. how can I make the choice too have readers also have my characters hair which is the bouffant long way and her red lipstick which is red deep :heart: :yellow_heart: :innocent:

I don’t know really understand what you mean…but… here’s the possibility I got from ur description:

  1. If uh want readers to have same hair and lipstick as uh want just use PREVIEW command then UNPREVIEW it so that they can get their hair and lipstick back.

  2. If uh don’t want the reader to change the hair and lipstick, simply don’t give them access to it .:sweat_smile:

I don’t know what they mean either. but I think she’s saying like how since Dara has the hairstyle and lipstick template together she wants her characters hair style is the bouffant long way and the lipstick is red deep part of them together as a default

I guess so …

yes…! that is what mean