Need help with code πŸŽ€

I still need help with code write my story can’t find anybody helps out. I am giving up on it.


what do you mean you’re coding is not working? are you looking for a coder?

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Yes I am need some help

ow sure I can help

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Thank you

no problem wanna continue messaging in the dms? or on discord?

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Do want me write you the story

what do you mean like if I want credit or do you mean that you want to give me acces to you’re writer portal so I can code it for you?

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Can write the story not here

Yes you can

sure write me the story?

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Yes to you


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Be ok give my email address and password

alright send me it in my messages then others can’t see it

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Ok I got you

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Hey get my messagesπŸŽ€

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