Need Help with coding a dress up game. Something's not working!

I am trying to do a dress up type game in one of my stories and it isn’t working.
When I press next outfit it doesn’t do anything.
I am pretty sure it’s the labels but my episode says I don’t have any errors.
Can anyone help?
Here are screenshots of the coding:

Never seen a dressing choice formatted like this… it’s a bit complex. But it’s your script and you can code how you want too.
Now when it says Next Outfit and you have goto outfit2, the character doesn’t change into anything… it just zooms in a certain way.

I saw what I did wrong. You know where it says label outfit2 underneath it says pause for 1000. I had this there when I was working out the zooms and forget to get rid of it once I was done. It know works. Haha. Sorry for taking up your time.

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No problem, way to self-help!

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I have asked in one of my posts above but I can ask again.

@Ryan or @Jeremy you may close this thread

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Oh, sorry. I didn’t read before lol.

That’s fine :grinning: xxx