Need Help with coding an animated Splash scene. Please Help :(

Heyo! So I am currently working on a new story called The Gavinville Paranormal Team and I decided for my sound splash that I wanted to create an animated overlay type of splash but when I coded it on the web previewer, it did the coding just fine. But then when I previewed it on the app, it looks as if it did an entirely different coding. Can someone please tell me what I could have done wrong with my coding, please? Thanks in advance.

The overlays I used:

Screenshot_78 Screenshot_81

I know that it is a lot of overlays being used there, but I wanted to use these to create good effects in my story

My Script :

How it previewed on the Web Previewer:

How it previewed on the Mobile App:

PS. Did I probably did something wrong with the coding or is it just a bug on the mobile app? I am definitely not sure and it did this process multiple times.

I really wish I could help but I’m pretty sure I just lost 17 brain cells while reading the coding now I remember why I didn’t want animated overlays good luck girl :sob: :purple_heart:


I would help but omg that…I could never do this much.

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Thanks for the good luck :blush: :slightly_smiling_face:. I understand that coding animated overlays can be hard and can be a bit of a struggle at times.


I know I just wanted to try something new, cool, and different with overlays. I’m sorry if it may be a bit too much.

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No you’re fine. I just don’t think I could do that. I would love to read your story when it’s finished. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know how you feel on that. It took me hours to code that, but I am still working on my story though, but once I get it published, I will be glad if you want to read it though.

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its happening because you use @ instead of &

@ has a beat so it takes time while & happens at once

when you create overlay then set opacity in time and after it shif and scale it you will in app see first the big overlay on original spot and than in milisecond you will see it shifting and scaling to the right position.

Try to use this for every overlay instead

&overlay X create
&overlay X shifts… in 0 in zone 1
&overlay X scales… in 0
&overlay X moves to layer …
@overlay X opacity 1 in 0.006

Also note the zone you have to write only to shift command

Also it seems to me you are animating the overlays to create gif efect.
If so than maybe will be more efective to use the looping gif look?

If so I made tutorial for the looping gif

I tried your solution along with speeding up the animated gifs in the process and looping it in a way and it worked pretty well. Thank you so much for your help :blush::slightly_smiling_face:. I am somewhat new to doing animated gifs, but thanks again for your help.

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I am glad it worked.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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