Need help with coding and directing

Hi, My script keeps on saying I did something wrong but I’m not exactly sure what I did?

@zoom out
@KAMERON spot 0.783 399 257 in zone 3

KAMERON (talk_handraised_happy_loop)
Well Well well isn’t it my favourite fallen angel.

If i’m not wrong
@zoom out doesn’t exists (?)

Is it zoom reset ? I forgot the coding for that dndnnd

Yes @zoom reset

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I’m a new writer, litterally started like yesterday lol and Im confused about a lot of the terminology being used like “spot” and the bunch of numbers. Any tips at where I can look and how I can improve?

I learned to code from Joseph Evans tutorials on Youtube! You should check him out! @JosephEvans
I wouldn’t be anywhere without him!

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In the writer’s portal there is also guides on how to do spot directing. All the info is there :slight_smile:

There is also interactive tutorials where you can see the script and the preview to see what it looks like when you start a new story on that screen it’s on the bottom left side. But I also agree I learned a lot from Joseph Evans YouTube videos

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Thank youu

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

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