Need help with coding car rear view mirror and customized social media profile

Hello there,
I’m in need of coding advice how to code a car’s rear view mirror, in general I know how to code a mirror reflection but since it’s a tiny one and we have to show the road from car’s front side, how to layer all these things realistically?
Also, I have seen many authors doing this- they make id cards or social media profile where the image changes according to the reader’s customized avatar, how do I do this?
Thank you.

You need to cut out the mirror portion.
The background you want to show in the mirror must be at the very back and then the overlay of the car with the mirror cut out. Then you need to place the characters accordingly. It’s similar to how authors create video calling/face time scenes.

They simply create an MC2 then commands it to look exactly like the MC by using “becomes”. Then they cut out the photo portion and spot direct MC2 in the background such that they can be seen through the cut out.

This link will be helpful.

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Thank you so much. :heart:

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No problem. (:

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