Need help with coding customizable names for each gender

So I’m starting a story where you can pick your own name for the character but then I’m also trying to do the story to where you can pick either male or female.

I have the male name working but I noticed you can’t add a second “(NAME)” after done for the name input.

I want both genders to have customizable names but not sure how to…

Try creating two characters with “FEMALE” and “MALE”

Well I’ve already got the two characters made and I even have a super simple scene including them so I can test everything but no matter what, where, and how I do the input for the names, it’s either asking you for your name twice (which does work but I don’t like it asking for it twice) or it says code error

I should also include that I’m pretty new to the coding business haha

Can you send your name input code? Like a screenshot or copy paste?

Have the reader pick a name. Then ask them if they want to play as Male or female. Use goto and labels to do this.

After your name input code
Would you like to play as Male or female?
goto male_avatar
goto female_avatar

label male_avatar
customisation here

label female_avatar
customisation here

story continues here

I have it set this way but I think what my problem is, is that I have the male avatar as “male avatar” in the code and female as “female avatar” so in the name input I have DONE(male avatar) which then makes the name for the male but the name doesn’t work for the female… it’s gonna be different stories for the two genders

I added three pictures to the post showing the name input that I currently have and then the “male” story beginning and the “female” beginning story.

The two of them will be the same for the first chapter, but after that they will be different depending on what the person reading chooses. At this point I’m just kinda leaning more to just choosing the names for them because then I can scratch the name input completely and just code it by using the names I pick instead of the whole “maleyou” and “femaleyou”

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