Need help with coding error pleaseee

I don’t know why it’s giving error I am writing exactly the same codes but it gives error… please help

Edit: KanaMoon fixed it. Thanks!


So… Episode portal only understands certain codes.

Problem 1
Double-check your background code. Episode stories usually only allow the EXT. BURNING.HOUSE - NIGHT. There should be a hyphen between HOUSE and NIGHT/DAY. But double check your backgrounds. Meaning:

If the background code is exactly that format then that’s not the problem.

Problem 2
On line 73, you have a typo. You wrote “stars” instead of “starts”.
So from this:
@LIN stars idle_phone_neutral_loop
To this:
@LIN starts idle_phone_neutral_loop

All together your code should be written to:

@AVA stands back far left AND AVA faces right 
@LIN stands back far right AND LIN faces left
@AVA starts cry_sniff_sad_loop
@LIN starts idle_phone_neutral_loop

Thanks! I did as you said but I’m still getting same error. Is my background problem?

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What does the error says? It could just be because the background is in review (the error will disappear once it’s approved).

This is actually wrong. Back far left/right and back left/right are valid character placements, these will position the character farther back in the screen whereas upscreen left/right will position the character in the front.

Yup, it’s a background problem. So you gotta write:


At the beginning

Really? Oh, I didn’t know you could do that.

I wrote it exactly you said still the same error. Is it because it’s still not approved?

Show us the code now. Take screen shot.

oh shoot the error says it’s in the review that’s why it’s giving error! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Good it’s resolved.

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