Need help with coding errors

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Hello, you would need to put either a charcacter or the narrator :)) :sparkles:

another error

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i definitely recommend you to take a look at @Dara.Amarie their website! it has a lot of guides to help people get started.

use the @ for making your character do things like walking and to make lines appear write their name in all caps (indent until it turns blue), skip a line and write your words there with one less indent

hello! try

INT. BLACK - DAY <—add another background of your choice here if you want

@KEYONAH stands screen center and faces right

    KEYONAH (any animation here)

I used to be a good girl but on day everything changed. It all strated when my dad died and I started to skip school. Then my mom found out.

copy and paste and ask me any quetsions! and try reading the episode tutorials!

I have an animation that goes as follows:

@CLASSMATE 1 faces left

@ASTRA faces right

@CLASSMATE 1 starts punch_fight_give_angry

@ASTRA starts punch_fight_receive_angry

@ASTRA starts punch_fight_give_angry

@CLASSMATE 1 starts standup_neutral

But every time I preview it, it completely skips over that section. What am I doing wrong?

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Use is instead of starts in your script.

@CLASSMATE 1 is punch_fight_give_angry

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As she said below, starts will only start they animation before moving on to the next one. Great if you want things to happen simultaneously. Is would have full animation done before next one.

&CHAR1 is punch…
@CHAR2 is punch receive…
These will happen at the same time and finish before something else.

Punch is tricky to get the coming right.
You could also try
&CHAR1 starts punch…
@pause for 0.5
@ CHAR2 is receive

So 1 starts to punch and 2 receives it 0.5 secs later

Play with it.

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I can help you with coding anytime you want :white_heart:
You can just dm me on IG (@annaw.stories) or pm me here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

and make sure you add

@CLASSMATE enters from left to right

as well as the other characters

so your new to episode I guess

they are bit old this videos but can help you a lot anyway

wait a couple of hours for my phone to charge and then I will message u on insta

You don’t need @ when a character is taking

CHARACTER (talk_neutral_loop)
Text goes here.

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