Need Help With Coding For A Story

I need help… I’m writing a story and I’m having trouble with the coding… I have to make it look like a vampire bit a girl… mby some of you seen it before when a person slowly goes down to the girls neck and it looks like he’s sucking her blood - If your read the story Living with the vampire brothers you know what I mean

You have to use spot and zooms. For the animation use kiss_passionate_rear. I can help you PM

Yeah I know that but I don’t know how to do the part where he slowly goes to her neck

@CHAR walks to spot BLAH BLAH in 1
You use spot to change the position you want them in and 1 represents how long you want them to walk for.
You can play around with the numbers. The higher the number the slowly they will move

Can you send me a copy of your script.
I can help you better if I see it

I’ll try that when I get home thank you for your help

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Can I ask how do I make them run faster?

Time the action for less than a second:
@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y in 0.5
for example, but you can use (0.2 ; 0.6 etc)

Thank you so much

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^^^ just for future, if you need anything :wink: