Need Help with Coding for Background Charcter!

Hey! So i’m writing a story and need help with background characters. I want my character to walk in front of the screen and look around. When she looks around, she sees many people. For example, I’d just like people walking around, talking to each other or on their cellphone. I’d like to do this while the scene pans the whole area (INT. BLUE SCHOOL HALLWAY - DAY) Then maybe zoom back into the main character? Thank you for helping me! I’m very new to this. Thank you!

So I can’t make you a whole template, but maybe look at @Dara.Amarie’s responses to posts? I’m not an expert at this type of stuff, so you might want to find someone better than me to help you :joy:

Hey, thank you for the reply! And yeah…haha. I’ll definitely check her out! Thanks.

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