Need help with coding mini games

Hi guys. I need help with how to code mini games using tappable arrows overlay and a timer. I have 3 backgrounds that the reader can pan to in order to find the correct door. Also, I don’t where I could find arrows that I could use for the tappable overlays.

Can someone help me please?

Here are the backgrounds I will be choosing. The first one will be used, but the other 2 backgrounds can be replaced. So, if anyone has better and horror-like hallway backgrounds with doors, please send them my way!

Background #1:

Background #2:

Background #3:

open door horror hallway 2

i’ve never used tappable overlays with a timer, I didn’t even know you could do that. do you understand tappable overlays? like the basics of using them before adding the timer?

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Yes I do but for other things. This is only to go to another hallway, nothing complicated

sorry im confused as to what you’re asking. Do you want two arrows pointing left and right that take you to the next hallway? i don’t know how you can do a timed choice for that it wouldn’t make sense, im probs thinking diff to what you want tho lol

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i can make you some arrows if you’d like x

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I understand the confusion but it’s possible if the timer was set on 7 seconds between 2 backgrounds instead of 3. I have seen it in a few stories but I don’t know how they coded it :pleading_face:

Aww that would be great hun!

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