Need help with coding! (overlays)

hii, I need help with figuring out how to make an overlay enter a scene

You would use:

@/&overlay OVERLAY NAME shifts to # # in zone # in #(seconds)
(@ if you want it to do it before anything else, use & if you want it to move and have another action after it occur at the same time)

You spotted your overlay off screen with

&overlay BOOK shifts to -50 0 in zone 1 and overlay BOOK scales to 0.000 0.000 and overlay BOOK moves to layer 3 and overlay BOOK opacity 1
@transition fade in black in 2
&overlay BOOK shifts to 250 0 in zone 2 in 6 (this will make a straight line because it’s 2nd axis is the same in both it’s original spot and the spot it moves to)

You can add in using (linear, easein, easeinout, easeout, etc) that are found in the "animating overlays guide) found through the portal guide button. and it would look like this:

&overlay BOOK shifts to 250 0 in zone 2 using linear (it should default to linear but as I’m using this example as book flying across the screen, a straight line fits the situation)

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thank youu it worked

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No problem, hon :slight_smile: Good luck! :sparkles:

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