Need help with coding!

Hello, I need some help with my script and am a beginner at coding. Can somebody please help me with my story!!

Hi there! I would be happy to help. Just tell me what you need help with!

Thanks! My name is sarah too :smile:

How can I help?

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i really wanna try out the points system but have no idea what to do.

Do you have some free time??

Maybe you could watch this:

Well, I’m doing homework but yes, I can help you if that’s what you’re asking.

I prefer to use gains, but I can help with points.

I did! Trust me, I love Joseph Evans. But the thing is I’m confused about the result. Thanks though.


Yes, please!

What do you need?

Zoe tells Isabella she’s having a party to get to know people. Next, Isabella texts some of her friends to come to Zoe’s party since she’s new. The background you should use is INT. PHONE because it’s the background uploaded to my account. Isabella texts Jake, Faith, Tasai, Devonte, Adrianna, Ava, and Dove but only 4 people can make it. Jake, Faith, Tasai, and Devonte make it to her party. Zoe then gets dressed for the party. Use the bedroom background of INT. PHILADELPHIA BEDROOM - DAY. Then Zoe comes out of her room and opens the door seeing people come inside (use INT. HOUSE PARTY - NIGHT) She talks to her best friends Zahra, Haidyn, and Nicole. Zahra then flirts with Devonte and they become a couple though Zahra does not know Devonte is dating Faith. Isabella then puts a drug in Zoe’s drink and Zoe goes to her room to get her necklace when she falls. Isabella puts on a mask and outfit and threatens to shoot people with a gun. Everybody runs out and Zahra tells Falcon to save Zoe. Falcon runs in and saves Zoe. By then the episode ends. (SUMMARY OF EPISODE 1)

Alright, my bad! But I wish you good luck!

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could you send me a photo instead?

Photo of what?

The coding. You said you needed help with the coding.


I haven’t started. I’m confused with the MC’S result.