Need help with Copyright!

Hello! I’m confused about Copyright rules and need help with pop-culture references in my story. I want to reference Harry Potter in my story, so I’m calling it “Harry Porter” - is this too close? And, I want to include a few short lines from the book (which I’m editing so they’re not exactly the same.) I feel like brands are just so confusing so if anyone has had experience with referencing books/movies etc please let me know!


Harry Potter might work as Harly Porter

And for the book references, Don’t reference any more than 5 lines of the book. For songs, u can’t include more than 5 lines of the song so I’d assume books are the same (:

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Yeah I’d assume so, right? Harly Porter hahah, thanks for the suggestion

Your welcome :joy:

To be safe, switch at least two of the characters in the name.
Here’s what I’ve come across: Taylor Swift becomes Saylor Twift.

As for the reference, keep it short and simple. Considering Harry Potter is quite established, a line or two is fine, but don’t copy the entire paragraph unless you want trouble.