Need help with cover and maybe art scenes

I’m currently working on my new story (not published) and i’m kind of new in epiode forums but i saw people asking help for covers and art.
My story is limelight and genre is romance.
MC is a woman and she is short. Male character is taller as see on the picture. Their eye color is deep blue for both. If possible i want them both on the cover. If more information or images needed, let me know :slightly_smiling_face:. Also let me know what would you like to get in return.

This is my thread:) Just read the rules and request rules:)

✰Avery’s cover request thread✰

If you’re still interested, below are two examples from Pam ^-^



If you liked the examples above, please check out the link below!!!

You have to pay around 10 though:&&:8:&/);&2!&;