Need help with cover art? Maybe I can help

Hello there!

A little bit of myself:
I have been drawing ever since I was a child and still continue to do so 'til this day.
But I am having a bit of an artists block and I was thinking maybe I could help out people by sketching out covers on paper and sending a picture of my interpretation.
I will be completely honest, I don’t have the tools necessary to complete covers all by myself.
But If anyone was having trouble coming up with ideas and sketching things out, I am here for that.

I can sketch things out on paper and send back an image of the requests. But I wouldn’t have a digital coloring app.

If there is anybody out there that has a digital coloring app that would like to colab, pm me!


I would like to tryyy

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I will pm you an image

I use MEDIBANG paint pro
And it’s great :ok_hand:

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I need help with character edits and a art cover can u possibly help me

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Sure! Just PM me what you would like

Could you help me with my small and large covers? I’ll send some ideas of what I am looking for in it (characters and the title) thanks :slight_smile: (if you can’t do titles thats alright) and i’ll put it on a background and will credit you in the story

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I am very sorry for the late reply, but for sure. Just send me your ideas through messages and I’ll send you the art within a day