Need help with cover preview!

So when I put my large cover in preview it says this.

and it’s always like that…I spend hours on my cover and It has to be :pinching_hand: small so it could fit.
I don’t understand.

It’s just too large in MB. Try to use this site to compress it: :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! <3

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wait when i download it where does it appear?

No problem, and in your download folder! :open_file_folder::slight_smile:

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it still doesnt work thoo

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It should; the site compresses the picture, so it will be lower in MB

Perhaps I can do it for you? :thinking:

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that would be amazong, thank you.
here’s the pic:

Try to upload it now;

If that still doesn’t work, try this one.:smiley:

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it still won’t work for me…but ty for your help

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Oh, sorry to hear :sweat_smile: I have run out of ideas other than that :sweat_smile::thinking:

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Ahh dw. I just decided to take a break from my story a bit.

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I had no problem uploading your large cover though… Maybe you can try compressing on this website?

I had that issue before and it worked by cropping the extra corners to reduce the size. A few days later I tried to upload the original again and it allowed me to. So I guess it’s just some sort of a glitch?


thank you so much!

still doesn’t work tho :sweat_smile:

Try using different browsers?
It may be due to the high resolution of your large cover. You can try reducing the quality.

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I will try yeah, tyy.

I have lowered the quality for you. This should work:

16229186359591548 (1)

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thank you so much! but yk like the quality should be high haha if u understand

This is the best I could do and it works: