Need Help with covers please

I’m finally ready to begin my story since i now have a computer, but i have a problem i’m not sure how or where to start my covers.
If anyone can help me by telling me how they managed to make theirs i would very much appreciate it thank you.

People make their covers by digitally drawing their characters or photoshopping their characters. The apps that are being used are adobe photoshop, adobe draw illustration, adobe sketch, and ibis paint x. There are art threads that offers to help people on getting their personalized covers.

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thank you, i suppose ill have a go with some of those apps, as i did try and make a small cover on my phone then i went to upload it and it wasn’t the right size.

If you are using adobe draw or adobe photoshop, you can adjust the size before working on your cover. And if you are already done with your covers but they are not in the right size, there are websites that can convert to the right size. I often used this website below for background sizes and such.

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thank you so much for the info that website really helped me alot, just made a small cover its only basic but will do for now

also used 3D paint which i have on my computer which seemed to be good to use as well :slight_smile:

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You can also get picollege (i think i spelt it right lol) but it has a watermark so you’d either have to take it out with a drawing program or pay