*need help with dara.amarie mirror reflection please!*

Please please please! Can someone let me know how i can get the same background from @Dara.Amarie 's Mirror Reflection for her CUSTOMIZATION of the duplicate and normal character, as the image below would be the perfect overlay for my beginning scene :slight_smile:


Please reply as soon as possible, i appreciate any replies!

wait so u just want the bg with the mirror

yes please! i just need the background with the mirror as an overlay :slight_smile: , im not too sure how to code properly haha

here is the overlay

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and here is the bg

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you have to add the overlay when ur coding
if u dont understand this is what i mean

then u just have to move the layers of ur char and the overlay so that ur char is behind the overlay

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That’s perfect, thank you so much!

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The only other concern i have is when the character is behind the mirror, wont the rst of her show out of the bottom of the mirror? Do you have any idea how i could possibly fix that?

i was literally thinking the same thing lol im sorry idk how to fix tht :skull:

try expanding the size of the mirror

That’s fine paha ill do that :rofl:

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