Need help with dialogue/speech

Hey guys I need help with this I don’t know what someone should say next. Any ideas?

I’m glad you haven’t lost your faith, Zeke
With all that being said, we should do what the kids do these days.
I think it’s called a bro hug?
Care to try?

&EZEKIEL walks to spot 0.960 185 178 in zone 1

Wow, rude much?

Uh-huh you are right
Forgive me, Sam.
Next time i’ll do worse!

@SAMUELE is eyeroll

&LAWRENCIA enters the scene

Ah Lawrie, you’re here!
Can you please tell your father that rejection isn’t cool?

You were trying to hug me!
I let you hug me at the airport, is that not enough for you?

Well, excuse me for trying to show more of my affection to you.

(I just love their friendship.)
You know papa, zio.
He does not really like hugs.

I am here, you know?

Please give me ideas and it can really help if you can tell what I should do better with my speech thank you!

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