Need help with directing? Drop your problems here!

Hey everyone! I’m new to the forums, but I’ve been in the community for a long time now and can help with directing! Reply with your problems here, and I’ll do my best to guide your script through it!

NOTE: It is recommended you send a picture of your script for more complicated issues, so I can see the problem in context. However, if you choose not to, that’s totally fine!

l need help with my overlay how do you rotate overlays like to the left or right? :blush:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME rotates [insert degree of rotation 0-360) anchor point x x in [insert amount of time here]

So, here’s an example using the command above:

@overlay SUITCASE rotates 360 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 2

(To rotate it left, you’d have to use a negative number for the degree of rotation)

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I’m just now starting my first ever script and am having some trouble and it’s hard for me to understand to tutorials and guides. How do I make my character run in from off screen to on screen??

@CHARACTER enters from [position] to screen/upscreen/back [position]

Using the command above, here’s an example:
@SALLY enters from left to screen center

NOTE: don’t match back or upscreen to “center”, as these positions don’t exist.

How do I make the screen follow a charter from the bottom to the top

I’m assuming you meant “character,” and are talking about zooming on a character. For that, use the zoom button to focus on the bottom of a character. Copy that command into your script, then adjust the zoom up to the top of your character and add a number of seconds for that command.

For example:

(Bottom of character)
@zoom on X Y to [insert percentage]% in 0

NOTE: for zooming in on the bottom of the character, it’s recommend the time is 0

(Move “panning” to the top)
@zoom on X Y to [insert percentage]% in 4

NOTE: for zooming to the top, you must add an amount of time to have that “panning” effect going up and down.

Wow you’re really good at coding, huh? Thank you so much <3

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