Need help with doing a script!

Hey guys,
I’m a new author and i really don’t know how to code. I need help doing a script where the MC is standing and the LI is looking head to toes from the MC. I don’t know if you understand but I really need help. I will credit you!

Hey! I thought it might be more helpful to give you a little information about basic coding. First, it might be helpful to watch the video’s of Joseph Evans on youtube. What you want could be done with spot directing and zooming, so how I would do it is:
@zoom on (the coordinates of Li’s face) in 0
@LI is think_rubchin
@MC is (choose an animation)
@zoom on (coordinates legs MC) in 0
@zoom on (coordinates face MC) in 3 (or longer/shorted depends on how fast you want the camera to go.
Do you know where you can find the zoom option?

thank you!

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