Need help with doing some choices please

SO I need help. I have a scene were the little girl in my story goes to her aunts room and finds her lip stick and puts it on. I want to have the readers pick witch color she puts on can someone help me with this? Also I want to be able to switch back to the color her lips her when her mom finds out she has it on!

Would you like all the options for the lip colors? Or just a few of them?
And to change back, you would just write:
@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Blush
Example below=
@YOU changes mouthColor into Blush
Note-it doesn’t have to be Blush, it can be any lip color!


Just some like she is 3 almost 4 so I want her to put like some darker color’s on (She likes playing with make-up) and her mom finds out and tells her she cant wear them colors there for big girls.

All right, cool!
Which colors would you like (or do you want this random) and how many? (ex, 3 or 4 or way more) I’ll try my best at making a template for you ^^

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