Need help with dressing game 2 part


So I’ve made a dressing game and I think I understand the if/elif/else thing… But now I’m having the issue of having a dressing game to pick a party outfit. Then I want the girl to leave and change back into what she was OG wearing.


Did the reader pick the OG outfit?


Yes in the first chapter they are picking an outfit. Then the next ch starts in that outfit, then they change, Later in the ch they get to pick their costume, but after that I want her to change back into whatever the reader picked.


You need to name the OG’s outfits dressing game choice.
Or you can add gains to the OG’s dressing game choice.


I named it choosing_outfit1
then what she changes again its choosing_outfit2

then costume is choosing_outfit3
put once she changes from the outfit I want her to pick in the (choosing_outfit2) choice


Then code it like this

if (choosing_outfit2 is “outfit name”){
@CHARACTER changes into outfit
elif (choosing_outfit2 is “outfit name”){
@CHARACTER changes into outfit
else {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit


Okay! Thank you I’ll try that


With the ELSE choice do I choose an outfit too?


Yes, the very last option should be else, not elif
If there is only two options then just use if and else


Thank you!!! It worked


Okay so I changed her out of her costume and went to ch 3 inputed the costume choice. But not she’s an angel in my ch1 :joy:


Make sure to reset your story progress whenever going back in a story with character/outfit changes.