Need help with editing these kind of poses! Help

I want to learn house to get poses like these

Like how do you get the legs to look that way
What pose does that use?
I’ve tried a few bur failed

I basically want to know how to get the legs and the pose overall to look like that

Credits to @0.0Himawari0.0 for the gorgeous edits btw!

Love it if you’d check this out and help me

Shoot me a PM her or DM me on IG @val_epii

I really want to learn
Help a girl out!! :pleading_face:


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It’s not difficult hun… basically you ss different animations and cut out parts like hands and feet.

For the last pose she used the reading book animation and a sitting animation and combined them together :heart:


I don’t remember if you mentioned seeing my tutorials already or not, but I have one on my channel that shows you how to make a custom pose like the ones you shared. It’s basic, but it’s the same concept with screenshotting different animations and putting them back together :slightly_smiling_face:

For just starting out, it’s good to use a reference pose and break it down to figure out what animations you need to use. For example, if I want them looking at the camera, I’ll use any “atcamera” animation for the eyes. Or if I want them holding an object like a bat, I’ll use the “read paper neutral” animation just for the hand.

You’re welcome to pm me here or IG if you need any more help :relaxed:


Thank you @melaniesmall @KylieJay I did watch your videos it’s how I started editing

I just don’t know how to place them. Nvm I’ll figure something out :joy:


Wdym place them…? As in the portal to ss them?

I always watch and I also try.

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Nope like while building the pose.

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I actually do cut all the pieces separately ( head, neck & torso, left leg from the butt to the knee, the leg from the knee town, same with the right leg, from left shoulder to elbow, from elbow to hands, same for the right arm) then piece them together.

for building the pose i normally create a separate story just for custom poses and create the characters i want to make the custom pose on, and then i add a white background to help me out as well, i’ll go through animations that i think will help me create the pose & will ss the character doing the animation on the app and then cut out all limbs or facial expressions i want the character to be doing. i then go onto to ibis paint x and add all of the parts together and erase the background to make it transparent! <3