Need help with entering while running and then exit while running!



ok this will make it simpler since its advance coding but how do i make them enter at the same time and then exit at the same time while still running the same direction


so they enter while running in their spot and then they exit offscreen


You just want them to run through the screen without stopping?


yeah, i think thts what she wants.


what I suggest is to place characters offscreen left and then use walks to spot offscreen right, instead of using default entering


ill check if it works thanks


what do you mean by default the spots?


@CHARACTER enters from side to screen position


Did everything get solved?
If not, I’ll PM you :wink:


not exactly


You can ask @Sydney_H or @Jeremy to close this thread since everything has been resolved :thinking:


@fanfic_with_eva has said not exactly


I PMed her :wink:


Okay. Smart :relaxed: