Need Help With Episode Titles!

Guys. I’m in the process of writing the first three episodes and I need names for them.
So if anyone has any good ideas, please tell me. Because I’m not sure what to name them.
And this will be on my new account and story. :slight_smile:

What are the episodes about? Like what are the main themes in them?

Also if you want a kind of generic first episode name you can use ‘Pilot’

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Well, it’s about a group of friends who start an all-girl rock band and it’s about them trying to score a music deal with a record label and the only way they can do that is win a music contest and it’s basically like Wango Tango or something like that.

But it’s mainly about the MC transferring from her old high school to the new one because of her parents’ divorce and she starts to fall for the school artsy guy but the mean girl is actually dating him. and then the guy becomes friends with the MC and starts to like her as well and tells her everything. So, he starts to tell her that he is dating the mean girl because they were childhood friends and at some point, he dumps her.

And then, the ex-boyfriend of the MC (who is the star football player) gets jealous and possessive and starts accusing the MC of cheating when she clearly didn’t. triggering the artsy guy to punch him and tell him how he doesn’t deserve someone so beautiful and caring.

And then they have a talent show and the LI and mean girl both show up (and this happens when they’re first dating) and the MC starts singing and performing and the LI starts to fall for her and the mean girl suddenly gets jealous and ruins the show. Causing the LI to run after the MC and tell her that it’s his fault that he didn’t do anything to stop the mean girl from sabotaging the show.

And she accuses him of dating her in the first place due to the mean girl’s jealousy issues and possessiveness.

And the themes are love, friendship, divorce, revenge and death. :slight_smile:

And I apologize if this summary thing is long.

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Oh and she has a sibling as well. even though he takes the divorce harder than she does.

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