Need help with errors

I have the error “you cannot use @…” i tried replacing it with & and i just keep getting errors over erros does anyone know why ;p

Is the script name used for your story (NAME), or is NAME just the name used when the reader sees it?

When you create a character, you must create a script name, after which you can’t change. However, you can change how the name appears to the reader in the story.

For example, if the character’s original name is Nickie, you would use @NICKIE.

Otherwise, I think it could possibly be a problem with your bracket used after goto change look, since it is facing the opposite way ( { ) instead of closing the choice with ( } )

Is NAME a character in your scrip? And are they already assigned a gende? If I remember correctly you cannot change a characters gender but I might be wrong
@apes may be able to help you

it’s a problem with a brackets like @Simila100 mentioned :slight_smile:

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The name looks like that bc ive allowed the readers to choose their own​:heart: other than that TYSMMM​:heart::heart:

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