Need help with eye overlays and mouth overlays

Hi I need help with eye overlays and mouth overlays I tried to watch videos and I still don’t understand so I was wondering if someone could help me with them if you can I really appreciate it tysm

Have you tried looking at this guide?


I need help understanding eye overlays and mouth overlays

Well, you should look at that guide for help by @Dara.Amarie. It’s really helpful

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I second that^
That link helps on how to use overlays in general. You’ll want to get familiar with that in order to animate the overlays in the way you want. Once you learn that, you can then get creative and figure ways to animate any overlay to move, rotate, appear or disappear. There are basically 7 amount of things to learn when it comes to using overlays.

  1. Getting the overlay into the scene. (There’s multiple ways to do that.)
  2. Setting the overlay’s opacity which means it’s visibility. It can range from being 0-100% visible.
  3. The shifts code. This is used to set it in place and to also move it to another spot.
  4. The scales code. This is used to size it.
  5. Layering the overlay. This is used if you want it to be in front or behind characters or other overlays.
  6. Duplicating overlays. That means to make more than one of the same overlays. Therefore you don’t need to upload 5 of the same overlays such as when people do sparkles or use the science lab counter or something like that, they may want more than one in the scene.
  7. Rotating an overlay. This is typically used for limb overlays or if you want something to spin or change the angle it’s originally in.

I might be missing something in that list :thinking:

Typically using eye and mouth overlays is done by spotting them onto the character using the shifts code and scales code to also make sure the size is right and changing their opacity to be 1 and then 0 again. Or in general to move them such as eye pupils you would need to shift them which can be learned from that link. I would suggest to create a fake story to practice getting familiar with the codes! :slightly_smiling_face: and if you’re still struggling after you’ve made a few attempts then ask someone to assist you by providing a screenshot of what you have coded so far and maybe even the overlays because they can then test it out on their writers portal and it’ll be easier to help you.

Aside from that link, on the writer’s portal there is a tab for guides where you can also look at stuff regarding overlays but that link has everything there and I find it easier than the guides provided to us on the website.

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