Need help with fading

Hello, I need a bit of help with my script. When fading in to my scene it fades into the wrong zoom even though I dont have that @zoom there it still fades into it. I have put the right @zoom there but it fades into the wrong zoom and then 2 seconds later fades into the right zooming. I hope that’s not confusing is there anyway to skip the first zooming?

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Before the scene starts add @zoom reset

for example :

hopefully this helps?

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Showing a script screenshot might be helpful if you’re still having troubles.

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This is what it looks like but i dont want that there

this is where i want it to start

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Hi! If you do a zoom reset or are spotting any of your characters it’s best to use an “&” instead of an “@”. This helps make the scene look smoother. :slight_smile:

You have to put the zoom reset after your background. So:

&zoom reset

I just tried that but the first scene is still there

Oh, do you mean you want all your characters already there when you preview it? :slight_smile:

yeah its like it cuts to zone 1 first then cuts to zone 3 where i want it to be

So, you want it to start off in zone 3 with all you characters there?

yeah haha im sorry I made it so confusing

Oh, no it’s fine! :slight_smile:

So, it would be:
&cut to zone 3
&zoom on 874 374 to 298% in 0
&NONAME spot 0.893 244 213 in zone 3 AND NONAME faces left AND NONAME moves to layer 2 AND AMELIA spot 0.821 209 215 in zone 3 AND AMELIA is idle_terrified AND AMELIA faces left AND AMELIA moves to layer 3 AND OLIVER spot 0.920 42 200 in zone 3 AND OLIVER moves to layer 2 AND OLIVE idle_gun_angry_loop
@add Gun Pistol Black to OLIVER
@overlay SILHOUETTE ARM create
&overlay SILHOUETTE ARM opacity 1 in 0 AND SILHOUETTE ARM rotates 100 AND overlay SILHOUETTE ARM shifts to 216 344 in zone 3 AND overlay SILHOUETTE ARM scales to 1.216 2.16 AND overlay SILHOUETTE ARM moves to layer 6
@overlay KNIFE OPP create
&overlay KNIFE OPP opacity 1 in 0 AND overlay KNIFE OPP shifts to 183 305 in zone 3 AND overlay KNIFE OPP scales to 0.244 0.244 AND overlay KNIFE OPP moves to layer 5

When using and creating overlays it’s best to put “&” instead of “@” so the animations are combined and it looks smoother. :slight_smile:

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. It worked I really appreciate your help. thank you <3

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You’re welcome! If you ever need anymore help, let me know! :slight_smile:

Will do did you want me to shout out to you in my story to say thank you for helping me with my directing.

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Oh, no, you don’t have to do that. :slight_smile:

Are you sure I really don’t mind. I like to give credit to people.

If you want to I don’t mind. :slight_smile:

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