NEED Help With Falling Animation

for some reason when I make my char (SHY) fall while running, she immediately gets back up but I want her to stay down so I can then do the stand up animation but nothings working because she keeps getting back up immediately after making her fall.

if someone understands, please help, tysm :slight_smile:

LMFAO don’t mind the dialogue at the end omg

What I do is this:
and then start with a different animation.

Oml, I’m not the only person that stays up all night writing. Lol.

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Try changing the & at line 794 to @ (@SHY walks to spot 1.274 66 1 AND SHY is run_fall then SHY starts fallen_idle)

Hope that works!

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You could either try this:

@SHY walks to spot 1.274 66 1 AND SHY does it while run_fall THEN SHY is idle_fallen

Or this:

@SHY spot 1.274 66 1 THEN SHY faces right AND SHY is run_fall THEN SHY is idle_fallen

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