Need Help with Fantasy Book Cover Design

Dear Episode Lovers

I’m working on my new fantasy book called “Freak” and could really use some help from the talented folks here!

Here’s what I’m thinking for the cover:

  • It should have Liora (the main character) in a dark/creepy forest.
  • The face expression from Liora should be a little scared too.
  • I want a magical vibe with white magical stuff floating around her.
  • The title “Freak” should be on it.

I’ve attached some pictures of Liora below to give you an idea of what she looks like. If anyone can help me bring this vision to life, I’d really appreciate it!

Also, I don’t mind if you put your tag on the bottom right or left of the book cover. You’ll be credited in each chapter of the book as well.

Thanks a bunch!

Jens :heart:


Moving the thread to “Art Resources” :slight_smile: