Need help with finding someone to review all the chapters in one of my stories!

Hey you all! I just have a concern about story reviews or whatnot. You see, about one of the stories that I wrote in INK named Monster Castle, and that story is one of my most popular stories that I wrote, I eventually finished and completed the story almost two-three months ago and I had asked some reviewers on the forums and Instagram to review one of my most popular stories, but then they only did three chapters of my story and said that my three chapters were either short, not directed good enough, some said my grammar was ok, a few said that it was all over the place, some said that I needed to make my sound effects more smooth & that I should add music to my story and I don’t blame them, but back then in 2017 when I wrote the story, I just never thought of doing such until 2018 since I have been writing for Episode for almost four years now, and that they said some other things about my story as well. In case if you are wondering, I am not trying to complain negatively to not take the criticism well because some of their points I can understand, but I hate that the people that I got to review it by wanted to point out the negatives of my story a lot more rather than balancing the positives and negatives which does make my matters of depression worse and makes me feel discouraged as a Writer for Episode. I work really hard for all the stories that I wrote and most Episode Authors out there work really hard for their stories as well, but sometimes I feel like when a lot of reviewers review stories with more than 3 chapters and they only review three chapters instead and points out more negatives on someone story rather than balancing the positive and negatives really hurt me in a way that whenever I try this, it’s like people just doesn’t want to give my story a chance which does hurt me in a way. I do get that there are some stories out there that may be problematic or not so good, but my concern or questionable concern I may have is, does anyone on the forums know someone on Instagram that does full story reviews or someone on the forums that can do a full story review for my story Monster Castle? I tried searching for the forums about this on the internet and I couldn’t find an article about this. I am also thinking about getting a proofreader for my story Monster Castle, and for my other stories as well, but I am not too sure if I want to use it. But, I would really love it if someone can tell me someone or some group that I can go to to get a full story review either on Instagram or on the forums, so that I can improve my story.

Thanks in Advance,
Tabitha Williams <3

PS: Please you all don’t take my concerning complaint in the wrong way, I am not trying to start drama nor bash anyone out on this because some reviews I had I can see some of the points that they made, but I was just concerned for my story when I had it reviewed before and I just want to ask for someone out there if they know someone or some group that does full story reviews so that I can take some steps to improve my INK story. I am also in the current works of making a better version of my story in Limelight and trying to find someone out there that can help proofread my stories as well…

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You can request a story review here :wink:
🌻 Sunflower Story Shop 🌻

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How many chapters are there in the story? I wanna help but I’m not sure if I have the time

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15 chapters

I’ll try to read it within the week

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Oh ok. Thank you so much for letting me know :blush: :slightly_smiling_face:

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