Need help with French translations? Come here! 🇫🇷

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Your character is speaking French, is living in France or is from any French speaking countries and they’re using their language in your story? Well, you’re on the right thread!

Who are you ?
French is my mother tongue. I was born and raised in Québec, a French spoken Eastern province in Canada. My cultural background is French Canadian. This language is not only part of my daily life, but also of my culture. This lead me to the next point.

We are not all from France!
I know it is not really the subject here, but I need to point this out. Due to colonisation, a lot of African (Senegal, Mauritania, Algeria, Tunisia…), Caribbean (Haiti, Martinique, Guadeloupe…), Asian (French Polynesia, New Caledonia…) countries or what they call “overseas French department” speak French. Therefore, I might not be able to translate properly if you ask for specific expressions, vocabulary, slangs from the country, province or department.


  1. I need the full context: the situation, the context, etc. Otherwise, I will not be able to translate it properly. If it contains spoilers, you can always send me a message.
  2. Be polite. “Hello” and “thank you” would be really appreciated :blush:.
  3. If you want me to include slangs, expressions, accents and specific vocabulary, I am not taking your demand unless your character is from Québec. Only because I am not from these countries or regions and I don’t know them. This would only cause misrepresentation.
  4. If I’m taking time to answer you, please be patient! I have a life outside of Episode. I will make sure that you have an answer within the week.
  5. If you also need help for choosing a name for your character (because I’m tired of seeing names from the 1800s) you can also ask.

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Omg I’m writing a story soon in France haha ill bookmark this haha

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