Need help with game menu! :(

Hi, so here’s the script: INT. GAME MENU 2
&zoom reset
&cut to zone 1

@overlay START create from SILVER BUTTON
@overlay START shifts to 35 93 in zone 1 AND overlay START scales to 0.371 0.371

@overlay CUSTOMIZE create from SILVER BUTTON
@overlay CUSTOMIZE shifts to 34 259 in zone 1 AND overlay CUSTOMIZE scales to 0.371 0.371

@overlay SKIP create from SILVER BUTTON
@overlay SKIP shifts to 33 170 in zone 1 AND overlay SKIP scales to 0.371 0.371

@overlay FAQ create from SILVER BUTTON
@overlay FAQ shifts to 32 90 in zone 1 AND overlay FAQ scales to 0.371 0.371

label game_menu

goto START


goto SKIP




goto FAQ




label START


label SKIP

label FAQ


goto game_menu

Whenever I create the overlays from SILVER BUTTON and spot direct, the overlays go back to their original position. Please help :frowning:

Create the overlay SILVER BUTTON. You also need to set opacities to 1.

Okay, I’ll try

It didn’t work :frowning:

What if you just use
@overlay OVERLAYNAME create without using creates from?
Make them like a complete new overlays without making them from something.

There’s suppose to be an outline around the boxes in the bg to them to make them tappable for the game menu, if I did that the overlay would show which I don’t want it to. I am trying to place them but they just go back to 0 0

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It suppose to be like Mary D Sava’s but it isn’t working

Do you have any already existing overlays called like those overlays you are trying to create?

I do.

I just found out while testing out that when you create overlays from other overlays and name them the same as already existing ones, the script places the last ones on screen.

I’d recommend changing the names of the ones you are trying to create, maybe add a number at the end.

Okay, thank you, I’ll try it now :slight_smile:

OMG THANK YOU SOO MUCH IT WORKED :heart_eyes: :heart_hands: :hearts:

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