NEED help with good pacing for my story!

Yeah this isn’t gonna happen :woman_shrugging:

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Hey! Just a suggestion, maybe you could have a series of events happen while she’s pregnant (as you mentioned) and if you feel the story is dragging out then you could definitely add plot twists or other events to happen with the MC and her family after her pregnancy.

You could definitely also skip forward a bit into the future as needed during the MC’s pregnancy to a new event.


I did some reading to figure out what about pregnancy stories people don’t like, I think overall what people said was pregnancy stories would be better if the plot isn’t cliche and the pregnancy process isn’t over-simplified/make it more realistic. Some people do enjoy pregnancy stories though! I believe your story could be really interesting, I think readers just want something new and unique in pregnancy stories.

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Maybe have 1 episode dedicated as a flashback to her finding out she’s pregnant and her reaction and some events that happen because of it. Then you can look zoom out to her child who is born and continue like that

Exactly! Since you don’t want the pregnancy to be the main theme of the story. Just showing that it was still a big event that affected your mc life is good :slight_smile:

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