Need help with hair change?

So in my story you customise the MC but I’m doing a flashback scene where the MC is a child so I wanted to change the hair to make it more childlike, so I changed it using @CHARACTER changes into item name but then I realised that I wouldn’t be able to change it back, so I took it out of the script and used @CHARACTER previews item name but the hair is still changed throughout the whole script.

Is there a way of reversing this?

@CHARACTER changes hair into Long Feathered

Then after the flashback use a remembering choice or let the readers pick their hairstyle again


You would need to create a duplicate character then use this code in your script: @DUPLICATE becomes CHARACTER
This code will make the duplicate character look exactly like the character that was customized. So you can change the main character’s hair for certain scenes in your story, then when you want to go back to the hair the reader originally had you’d use @MAIN CHARACTER becomes DUPLICATE


Or you can just create a duplicate character to use for flashbacks scenes, and use a template where both your original character and the duplicate gets cuztomised :blush: It might come in handy when you have to do Flashback scenes later on also!


Oh yes, that’s a much easier way without adding it into the cuztomisation templates :sweat_smile:

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I think I’ve fixed it now. Thanks everyone :grin:

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