Need help with how to do tis

Hi everyone….hope everyone is well. I just have a question or can someone help me or tell me if I’m on the right track. But for the picture above, you see the guy, I want to do exactly what that author did, would I make the background a overlay and add him to whatever spot or how does it go? Thanks :pray:t4:….

What exactly do you want, the same animation? the spot?

No. You see the guy and the background? I want to do the same thing, but I want to know if I have to use a overlay plus background for the dark background

They just did simple spot directing.

All they did was bring her to the first layer and made her bigger.

then they made the guy in a layer below and smaller.

the animation he is using is idle_cup_sad_loop

they just made her cover part of the hand

it looks like they also have a filter on as well and thats why its a bit darker looking

How about the boy and the background? Do you know how the author did that? Like would I have to add the background as an overlay or something??

i wrote what the guy is doing. like i said they just have him at a different layer and he’s doing a idle_cup_sad_loop animation

I know hehe thank you… but I’m more asking help when the boy has a background or overlay behind him :sweat_smile:

No, I think the background is just a simple night background, I believe it’s on the episode art catalog


hes not behind an overlay just behind the female chatacter which is at a higher layer

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@Marysol.Episode @Jpassen thank you that’s what I mean :smile::smile:


Hi, idk if you still need this or not, but I’ll try to explain.

You don’t need any overlays, you just need to spot-direct him to wherever you want him to be. Then you just make sure that he’s in a layer lower than the female character.


@/MALECHARACTER spot 0.938 229 110 in zone 1
@/MALECHARACTER moves to layer 1

if the male character is in layer 1, you can put the female character in any layer greater than 1, so it could be 2, 10, 100, you name it.

I hope that this is what you meant by your question and that I could help :innocent:

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I get what you mean thanks :hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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