Need help with ideas for dialogue!

Hi, I am a bit stuck at writing now at one scene…MC is at an interview at a law company. The interview should be short intense and very unpleasant for MC…she has to leave with the feeling she is not good enough and that he sees her like too old fashioned without energy and without the will to risk. He in one moment should tell her something in the sense that she makes an impression of an old nun.:wink:

To be clear he is not, in reality, a bad guy he just uses his methods how he interrogates a suspect in the interviews to get them out of the comfort zone and crack the shell to see what is really inside of the people, but MC (and reader) has to see it as rude and bossy. He is an excellent observer and cant read people behavior and react more on the behavior than od the words itself. But I need MC to feel humiliated and intimidated by him because it should be for her a kick to go out from her comfort zone in the future and make some risk decisions in future…:slight_smile:

But I am stuck now to write the dialogue itself to have this result. what questions and answers I should Write?. :confused: ¨

Any ideas?

I have only the beginning… that he didn’t even look at her when she enters his office just nodded to the chair in front of him what she sees as rude, and I have the scene “before” when she is waiting in the corridor and see all the other candidates leave his office devasteted. So she is coming in already expecting that it will be an unpleasant interview. So she is already very nervouse when she enters.

Thanks for any ideas really!

Hmm try this
Mc: As I walked into the room, there was an awkward silence. So silent, you can hear the footsteps outside this door. He nods his head telling me to move onward. But I can’t. My feet are glued to the ground and I don’t know what to do. Finally I move forward, and I sit down, wishing this interview was already over. He’s dashing through the files, not a single glance. What is wrong with this guy…(lmao that’s all I got sorry it’s so cringe)

Hi I already have this part but thanks anyway I might add something form yout lines!

But what I really need help with is the dialoge itself on the interview… after this narrator…

What does he ask her and what does she answer that you will not like him and see what he says as inapropriet judging rude and intimidating.

Mine openion is that with his mindest he will not give her the traditional questions you usualy get on interviews but ask her soemthing se would not expect, so she will feel like she dont know how to answer…I do feel the scene but my god he is not talking to me now.:)))) So I dont know what he wants to say to her.:slight_smile:

I - Interviewer
M - MC

M: Yes.
I: On your resume, you said you have a DEGREE?
M: Yeah, I studied at-
I: Great…
I: What makes you think you’re qualified to work for us?
M: I um-
I: Okay.
M: You didn’t even let me say anything?
I: I don’t have to.
M: What do you mean?
I: How would you describe yourself?
I: Shy?
I: Timide?
I: What makes you think I want a person like that here?
I: Well that concludes your interview Miss LASTNAME.
I: Thank you for wasting my time. / Have a good day.

Oh lol np tho

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