Need help with Italian (🇮🇹) characters? Come here!

tysm for the help, i think ima use Signorelli, also mc’s name is Bailey hardly italian at all so im not really sure, is it pervy to say flower

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Flower in Italian? It’s fiore but it doesn’t sound like a nickname. You can use fiorellino (little flower), it sounds sarcastic or playful. Again, just like piccola, don’t use it too much.

The thing is that ‘ready-made’ nicknames can all be creepy or pervy in Italian if used incorrectly. And they’re rarely used in new relationships anyway because they can sound objectifying. Kinda what a self-absorbed dude would say to his side chick, that’s what they can sound like :sweat_smile:

If her name is set to be Bailey, you can try with Bailina (lit. little Bailey), Bebi (sounds like baby, it’s just Italianized), or even shorter Bai.

If you’re into the example I made above

You can try with Baililla, it sounds like Balilla which is a popular brand of pasta. Honestly, it sounds pretty cute imo.

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tysm! i know what im going to do now <3.

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hello there :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
i am new to the writing side of episode and i have an story but i got an tip to look here because my MC in my story is Italian and i don’t want it to be an complete cliché story if you know what i mean.

little about the story:
the story is about Venere(the MC) that left italy because she wanted to proof her father that she as a woman can get to the top in this business so she left Italy en came to LA and wants to become the number 1 then she meets Marco(the LI) who is the leader of another gang ( the then number 1 gang) and they team up to take out Alessandro who is her half brother that she did not knew about until a few months.

if someone has some tips so that it will not become a huge cliché i would love to hear them because i love to improve on things :blush:

Thanks for passing by! I’m gonna have to ask questions, otherwise I’m not really able to help :sweat_smile:

When I read your plot I was confused with the choice of the three characters’ names. Not that there’s anything wrong with the ones you chose, but you said that MC Venere travels to LA where she meets Marco, who’s a local gang leader. Marco is an Italian name, does that mean he’s part of some Italian-American mafia branch or is his name being also Italian random?

Also, how does going to LA help Venere prove to her father that she’s capable of being a boss? The father not wanting her to be in charge is accurate, because that’s the mentality in the Italian mafia world, but what exactly are her chances in LA? What or who does she find to help her climb the criminal ladder? Usually, it’s family members who already settled in America. Family members who still maintain mainland Italian mafia mentality (men > women). Because, while she may be a boss’s daughter in Italy, she’d be a nobody or a lonely enemy in America (if she’s got no relatives there).

Regarding her half-brother, is he also settled in America? If so, why and how did he succeed? If not, what does Alessandro have to do with Venere (and Marco possibly)? Rivals in some kind of trafficking? And is Alessandro working for/with his and Venere’s father without her knowing, or is he doing his own thing?

Finally, where do you think that this family (and Marco) are from? Is Venere’s father Calabrian, Sicilian, from Campania, Puglia, Lombardy…?

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haha its okay to ask questions because of that little what you just read is a little piece about how i want it to be and it is still a work in progress so nothing is really set if you know what i mean. but here to anwsers to you questions

Marco is from America, Venere was a name i came up with i think 4 months ago and if i’m not wrong it means in italian venus please correct me if i’m wrong though :sweat_smile: and when i was looking for an name for her half brother i came across Alessandro and i kinda liked it but there is no further thought in to it.

She moved to LA but how that helped her prove her and who helped her to where she is is smething i still need to work out.

as for Alessandro he took over the fathers gang when their father died, he lives in Italy but has people in LA who sell his product and keep an eye out for things. Venere did not know that Alessandro was her half brother she finds that out when he takes action to take her out. why does he want to take her out? because he can’t stand it that she is a woman that is an succesfull gang leader and that she is older and she is the rightfull heir to her fathers gang and before their father died and he saw how succesfull she was he wanted that she would heir his gang but Alessandro didn’t agree with that and messed with things and when their father died Alessandro became the leader.

Venere meets Marco at an annual event for gangs it is basically something where you can scoop the competition out and make knew allies. Marco had heard about the fallen angels but did not knew who the leader was no one knew so this was his chance to meet him (at least he thought it was an he). When they named every gang with the leader everyone found out that there was a first gang in history that had a female leader you could see that not everyone was amused by it.

as for where they are from is something i don’t know yet because i don’t want it to sound TO cliché

hope this anwsers your questions and you have some advice for me :blush: if you think that this story is would say no to just say it because i’m open for all opinions
also sorry if my english is not the best i live in the netherlands so it may not be the best haha

Okay, I’ll answer bit by bit.

Yes, Venere is the Italian version of Venus. Apparently it’s a name that parents like to use here, that I didn’t know. Alessandro is a very popular name in Italy. So you’re good with those :+1:t2:

That’s fine, I figured as much. I just wanted to make sure you were considering all the options and were aware of things.

When you say product, what do you mean? Mafias don’t produce anything, they just buy their ‘items’ (drugs, weapons, humans, organs… yes) and resell them worldwide.

Alessandro’s backstory for how he became the boss sounds good.

Now this sounds odd. Unless it’s something you made up, mafias and gangs don’t really like working together. They’ll mostly try to steal each other’s competitors (which most often than not leads to vengeful expeditions, culminating in blood and death). The rare occasions where they do work together, it’s usually no more than 2 or 3 groups and their alliance is sealed in secret. So, hosting an open event with all leaders in the room sounds a bit strange. I mean, still possible from a fictional pov, not so much irl.

That’s fine, we can help with that. Perhaps you could show us how your characters look like?

You did mention that Marco is American though. If he’s American American (with no Italian roots) then–even if the name Marco is used by non-Italians in the US–I’d suggest you change it. There’s this big annoying stereotype in the Episode community that all or most Italians are criminals. An Italian name, even if assigned to a non-Italian character, still definitely reinforces this stereotype.

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yeah that is what i meant i didn’t knew how to put it in an good sentece like i said my english is not the best haha but what i meant is indeed stuuf they resell

if you have an sugestion about how they qould meet i’m open for it

sure i will sent you the details of how MC’s look in a bit

thats oke than i will change his name thats no problem

body: caramel
brow: defined natural.
hair: beach wave hair (chestnut)
eyes: slender natural (hickory)
face: soft heart
nose: soft natural
lips: full round (Bordeaux)

body: caramel
brow: thick arch
hair:Modern Pompadour (chestnut)
face:square jaw
lips:classic (taupe)
eyes: classic (bleu)

do you want to see marco to?

what do you think of the name Dominic?

I see they’re both on the darker side in terms of skintone, but they could be from the center or south (from Tuscany all the way to Sicily), or from Sardinia. So you choose freely.


If he’s not Italian, I don’t think I’d be able to help.

You choose! Keep his ethnicity in mind, that’s all I can say.

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thanyou so much and if you have any other tips please let me know! :blush:

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One thing mafias are really good at is getting information. That’s because they infiltrate everywhere. From other groups, to the government. This means that all mafia groups have at least some idea of what other gangs are doing. Something as simple as the MC getting interested in LI’s group (due to skills, trafficking, weapons, etc.), or vice versa, is enough for both parts to agree on an alliance. That, or they’re opponents on the territory and they’re both interested in the same areas to expand their activities

Thankyou I will definitely think again about how they will meet then :grin::heart:

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