Need help with Italian (🇮🇹) characters? Come here!

Well, actually lots of families nowadays are mixed (north+south) because after WW2 ended, Italy was an extremely poor and devastated country. The north has always been more advanced than the south, so usually women from the south would try to marry a man from the north in hopes to lead a better life.

Nowadays in our generation, perhaps a mixed couple wouldn’t be seen as positively as in our grandparents’ generation (the boomers hehe).

Well, if it helps you, I’m pale as a ghost and I’m from Milan (north). However, it’s worth noting that I’m 3/4 northerner and 1/4 southerner. My grandma (from the south) isn’t as pale as I am, but she isn’t dark either, she’s quite light in complexion. All this to say, your character can literally be from everywhere you want. You can use my city if you like!

ohhh okay!! thank a ton for telling me this!!

yea i’ll use your city- thank you so much!!!

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The part about religion is mostly true, although younger generations are less and less enticed to it.
Also, the different money distribution is quite accurate; but if we are talking education, things shift a bit: there are more graduates (from university) in the South actually (mainly cause the concept is: since there are very few jobs in southern Italy, the more expertise you have, the better chances of snatching one of those few spots you have).

As of laziness, I think it really depends on the person, in my personal experience (I’m originally from the South) especially older people are very hard working and their fields of work required manual labor (farming, construction, etc.).

The part about misogyny, accurate enough, and it is amplified if the family is very religious and very little educated,

Accents are very, very different from region to region, sometimes from town to town! (But if we speak Italian, not dialect, we understand one another).

As @Malannee said, there are stereotypes, some ppl may fit it, some don’t

Feel free to ask us further questions :smiley:


Oh yeah omg, @marcosimp I didn’t mean that it was actually true. Just like, it’s true that we have stereotypes for one another. Very deeply rooted ones, and discrimination comes as a consequence.

And the only case where we don’t understand each other is if we don’t articulate our words enough, which could happen with everyone. I had a classmate in high school who had a mixed milanese and paduan accent but spoke so fast with little articulation that it was very hard for me to understand what she was saying in the beginning. Then, I just got used to it.


OHHHHHH- omg thank you both soooo much!!! @Grottino


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good morning/evening could someone provide a good nickname for my Li to call my Mc
my Mc haves freckles and is a major book worm, introvert and likes cookies

Nicknames have been highly requested recently haha
I’ll redirect you to this post, I suggest you read it before deciding.

If we’re talking nicknames which aren’t derived from MC’s name, the one I can think of is ‘lenticchia’ (lit. lentil, but it’s also a way to say freckle because of its similarity with the Italian word for freckles ‘lentiggini’). I’d say it sounds nerdy more than cool, so it could work for your MC.

Edit: ah, otherwise you could use ‘zuccherino’ (lit. sugar cube) or ‘biscottino’ (lit. small cookie). They sound cuter ofc, so much that the latter is often used within families (a mom or a grandma could call you this), but they might work in a romantic relationship.

However, be careful of how you use it, because as I mentioned in that earlier post I linked:

To expand on this, if the stranger is MC’s peer, we’d just use “scusa, …” (lit. “excuse me, …” but less formal). It’s frequently used by our seniors too, because “signorina/ragazzo” can sound quite polite.


thank you :purple_heart:

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How do you say “Demons.” and “Dark Magic” in Italian?

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Magia Nera



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How would you translate “Dear lord” as in if you are stressed out or anything that typically an Italian would say when they are stressed?

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I’d say “oddio”. At the moment I can’t think of anything else but surely there is something else


This is one option.
Personally if I’m really stressed and I were to say it I’d go more like “Dio mio!” with emphasis it’d be “Dio… MIO! :imp:
Or “oh mio Dio” is also good, I say that too.


Thanks for both of your help. :slightly_smiling_face: