Need help with just two choices of if/else

I want to do choices of clothes and have other characters react to the change of clothes later in the story but the if/else choices are a bit confusing to me and I need better help of understanding it

anyone out there who can help me script it?

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I can help you. Can you show me your script?

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i havent really wrote the if/else script because if was just to confusing but i want the choices to be like an outfit change

choice one: RUBY_RED_GODDESS

but idk how to script that properly

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Hey, check out @Dara.Amarie website she has all the templates for that kind of stuff :heart:

I hope this helps
Choice “Ruby_Red_Goddess” {
@character changes into Ruby Red Goddess
gain Ruby_Red_Goddess
} “Ruby_White_Goddess” {
@Character changes into Red White Goddess
gain Ruby_White_Goddess

If (chose_Ruby_Red_Goddess) {
goto scene
} elif (choose_Ruby_White_Goddes) {
goto scene2
Use gains if you want them to remember their choice also make sure you use labels

label scene
Script for outfit 1 would be here

label scene2
The second choice script would be here

Also try going to

thank you!

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You’re welcome!