Need help with knowing the small sizes for covers

Hey guys so as it says above, I need help with knowing the sizes of small covers. I’ve made my own small cover on PicMonkey and ik it’s 420 x 580 but I want it to fill the full picture if anyone knows what I mean. Please try to help if anyone knows. Thanks :blush:
I’ll just put my cover that I’ve made on here so people can see it

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You can make it a big bigger if you are worried it will cut it off but it should fit.

How big tho? i’'m struggling on that and my cover is the same size (420 x 580)

Just leave it as it is and upload and you can always go back and add a trim on the edges. :woman_shrugging:

Ok thank you for you’re help anyways

Small cover size should be at least 420x580

Large cover should be at least 966x642

YH ik and my small cover is the same size, I just want the full picture if you get what I mean

Yes, trim all the white out then go to Simple Image Resizer.

I could do it for you just Pm me !

Got it and it’s ok, I all ready did but thank you

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I wouldn’t recommend using Picmonkey to create a cover unless you’ve paid for the subscription!

Hope you get the help you need <3

I did and it was only £9.20 but I did , thank you