Need help with Latin-American characters?

I saw another post about Italian characters so this is inspired by it. Some people think that all Latinos are like Shakira or Daddy Yankee, and maybe some Latinos are like that, but Latin America is big and writers often ignore countries of the south like Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Chile.

I’m from Chile and we are more private and cold. We are different from the image that some of you may have about our continent but we are still amazing <3

I hope to help someone


I love this so much!
Thank you for this :pleading_face:

Where’s my Uruguay gang at :uruguay:

I swear when I tell people I can understand/speak Spanish they always ask me If I’m from Spain, Argentina or Mexico.

Anyway I’d love to help with any questions too if that’s okay?!

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People always forget about the smaller countries in South America too.


I’m curious if any user here is from Argentina :thinking:


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Of course! I really hope that more people of South America join this thread


I’m from Argentinaa😃


Great! Do you mind if I ask a few questions about your country and culture?


Of course☺️


Okay, let’s see…

  1. Is your country rich or poor?
  2. What kind of food do you eat in Argentina?
  3. Any special holidays?
  4. What do most Latinx people (or Hispanics) look like?
  5. Any stereotypes against your culture I should avoid?
  6. This might be a dumb question, but what’s the difference between being a hispanic and latinx?
  7. Are you or your family religious? If so, what religion (or what do you know about it)?
  8. Another dumb question, but when do you speak Spanish (like, do you speak it to others who can’t understand you or do you speak English instead)?
  9. What’s the education system like?
  10. How serious is racism in Argentina?
  11. Common Spanish phrases?

Sorry if that was too many questions (I’m always a curious person). :sweat_smile: You don’t have to answer all of them.

  1. The situation is not great… At least where I live
  2. One of our popular food is called Asado, it’s a meat there is chicken beef pork… grilled or I love empanadas it’s a desert with jam, sweet potatoes…
  3. May revolution 25. De mayo is popular, you can find something more about it :slight_smile:
  4. That’s a really difficult question… it depends on what kind of latin they are, some latins are more hispanic, dark skin shorter… and some people in like spain are tall, dark skin and some are lighter skinned, blonde hair…
  5. We’re often described as lazy and arrogant, but not all of us are like that
  6. Okay basically hispanic refers to spanish language population and latino refers to latin america…culture etc
  7. English, I have it as my main subject
  8. We have 7 grades, four levels and two different systems
  9. It depends…
  10. hola -hello, ¿qué pasa? - what’s up?, Bien - good

Sorry for taking so long, I had some online classes… however my mom is from argentina and my dad is american, I was born in Argentina to my both parents, my parents divorced when I was 6 so dad moved to usa (la) again aka to his birthplace, I’m visiting him or he’s visiting me but in this situation its complicated. It’s really difficult tho. Sorry I mixed the numbers


I was just thinking of Argentina weirdly.

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Is your name Anna to?

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sorry to bump my own thread, maybe this is useful to someone