Need help with layer!

I want the boy behind th counter but i’ve tried layer 0 and -1 and he’s still in front of it, help please!

What layer is the counter at?

the layer came with the background, does that mean i can’t put him behind it?

oh if that’s not an overlay you can’t put your character behind it do you have the overlay?

i’ll try to find the overlay but thank you sm!

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it seems like you’re using a custom background. the counter is not an overlay therefore it’s just part of the it. you can’t put him behind it because it’s like if the counter was a picture, it’s not really there. you can layer characters and overlays. if the counter is not an overlay or part of an official episode background then you can’t layer a character behind it. hope this helps!


the more helpful version of what i said :joy:

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lmao thanks y’all, i was so confused.

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omg thank u!! :joy:

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