Need help with layering overlays

so right now the characters are not in spot but i’m trying to make the chairs go behind them & behind the counter, eventually i’ll be wanting the characters sitting on them?

Put the chairs in layer 0, the characters in layer 1 and the counter in layer 3

The window pink backround is an overlay also, so the chairs appear outside if I do it that way

Okay so then put the pink BG at layer 0 and everything else accordingly

Alright & lastly how would I make the characters be behind a character but infront of another overlay like here: I want the characters to be sitting but behind the table on the chairs

Put the pink background in layer 0, the chairs in layer 1, the character behind the table in layer 2, the table in layer 3, the characters in front of the table and the chairs but behind the counter in layer 4, the counter in layer 5, and the characters in front of the counter in layer 6.

So, the blue chairs go in layer 1 or 4?

They would go in layer 1. The layer which is the most behind is the smallest one. You can then place them as you want.

The chairs appear ontop of the table and the characters appear behind now?

i have it like this: @ICECREAM EXTRA 1 spot 0.722 51 240 in zone 1 at layer 4 AND ICECREAM EXTRA 1 starts talk_arms_crossed_loop THEN ICECREAM EXTRA 1 faces right
&ICECREAM EXTRA 2 spot 0.722 124 239 in zone 1 at layer 4 AND ICECREAM EXTRA 2 starts talk_hold_drink
@add Coffee Cup to ICECREAM EXTRA 2
&ICECREAM EXTRA 3 spot 0.425 178 341 in zone 1 at layer 2 AND ICECREAM EXTRA 3 faces right AND ICECREAM EXTRA 3 starts talk_sit_ankles_crossed
&ICECREAM EXTRA 4 spot 0.492 262 350 in zone 1 at layer 2 AND ICECREAM EXTRA 4 is sit

Sorry I made a mistake below… The chairs must go in layer 1. My bad…

Now it worked :slight_smile: so if I want to put a character behind the counter would that be in layer 5 & If I wanna put a person outside would that be layer -1?

A character in front of the table but behind the counter would be layer 4, and the counter would be layer 5. And to put someone outside, it’d indeed be layer -1

I’m trying to make an overlay slide out while I am zooming in, I put in the shifting/scaling numbers but for some reason it keeps going to the complete opposite side or another direction?

Are you sure it’s the right shifting and scaling numbers? Or that you’re in the right zone?

Maybe it’s something else.
I think you didn’t create the overlay in your script before… That may be why it’s going in the wrong way.
Try to tap this and replace the dots with the right spots
&overlay NAME creates
&overlay NAME shifts to … in 0
&overlay NAME scales to … in 0
@overlay NAME opacity 1 in 0