Need help with LL arms overlayer

Hey guys so I’m having trouble with LL arm overlays. So basically with the female overlay I got it how I wanted it ( I wanted her to do a choke hold position, I’m not sure if I got it right). But for the male arm overlay I want him to be holding her arm like she’s choking him too hard but I don’t know how to get it right… CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!


You can make the choke hold tighter.
Put his arm up so his hand is over her wrist so it looks like he’s grabbing onto her.
Unless his arm is supposed to go around her, put his elbow, where the jumper elbow is.

Can you explain a little more please ?

To make it look like she is choking him too hard:
I would suggest tightening the angle her arm is.
In the image below, yours is currently the first. The choke hold is quite loose. The second would make the hold tighter. However, this is just me being picky, as it can be quite hard to animate.

Visual - Created in Paint >.<

His hand needs to be on top of her wrist, so it looks like he’s trying to pull her arm away.

In the image below, I may be mistaken, but the left circle looks like where the elbow should be.

yeah no you’re absolutely right, so like in your image where the left circle is, is where the elbow should be at, but I can’t get it there.

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