Need help with LL outfits!

Hello to everyone and thank you for your time.
I am in process of creating a new story and I need some LL male outfits ideas.
About character:
Name: Dorian Roche
Age: 34 y.o.
Dorian is a renowned French fashion and accessories designer. He became famous at the age of 20, and at the age of 26 he began to curate a French fashion magazine and his own fashion house.
He is very extravagant, and sees many things in a somewhat provocative, non-conformistand way. Some critics and influential people consider him a scandalous person due to his views on fashion, or other aspects.

Well I hope this info is enough. But if you need some other deets don’t hesitate and ask me.


I’ll help if you still need one thou.
My Ig-@_ angryybirdd _

She can help you thou…

i can make some outfits for ur character if u want
but i need his details pls
um only if u want

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