Need help with looping overlay!

So, I’m wondering if anyone could help me to get this overlay to go up and down in infinite times, this is the spot directing.

@overlay CONCERT CROWD shifts to -42 117
@overlay CONCERT CROWD scales to 1.156 1.156

@overlay CONCERT CROWD shifts to -43 154
@overlay CONCERT CROWD scales to 1.156 1.156

So basically, the CONCERT CROWD overlay is supposed to kind of jump up and down so it looks like they’re dancing in the back. I would really appreciate the help because I’m stuck and have no idea what to do. I tried to use @Dara.Amarie’s thread about looping overlays, but I think I did something wrong or didn’t understand.

if you want them to go :arrow_up: and :arrow_down: then you shouldn’t use rotation but instead shifting with time


I’d do something like:

&overlay CONCERT CROWD shifts to -42 117 in zone [YOUR ZONE] in [TIME] then overlay CONCERT CROWD shifts to -43 154 in zone [YOUR ZONE] in [TIME] loop infinite times


(Note: if you’re using any zone other than zone 1, you have to specify the zone or else the overlay will shift to zone 1 all on its own!)

EDIT: Also keep in mind you need to use the ampersand (&) and not the (@) because otherwise your story won’t continue!


Yes, I think I fixed it now. I just forgot to do some spot directing for the overlay before using the loop. Thanks!


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